Tips, Tricks and Pro-Tips

BGR Resale Tips and Tricks

How to Make the System Work for You!

  1. Treat it Like a Treasure Hunt– Here at BGR, we get in new items all day, everyday! All of our inventory is provided by the community so we never know WHAT we’re going to get in! If you shop with an open mind and don’t shop looking for something specific, you’re a lot more likely to score some great finds. For example, instead of looking for size 18 month Gymboree skinny jeans with sparkles and a pink adjustable waist, look for 18 month pants. Go outside your comfort zone- grab something you usually wouldn’t. Because why not? At BGR many of our items are only $1-$3!
  2. Shop Without Spending a Dime– If you bring in your items to sell, you can get cash or store credit for anything you have. The choice is always yours. BUT if you get store credit, you can shop at BGR without ever spending a dime. Bring in your items, use your credit on your purchase, bring back the items when you’re done, get store credit. Repeat. Where else can you trade without ever spending a thing?
  3. Bring in the “Good Stuff” to Sell– BGR works because of our community. We try to work our store so it’s like a trade for everyone. While we may not be able to pay you $40 for your Jordan’s, we’re only going to sell them for between $5-$15 (depending on condition of course). So when you bring in your nice shoes, not only are you helping keep prices low for your neighborhood, you’ll also be able to keep the cycle going so YOU can take advantage of other people bringing in their cool items for low prices. It’s symbiotic!
  4. Tell Your Friends– Don’t be fooled by thinking you’re doing yourself a favor by keeping BGR your little secret! The more people that you tell, the more items you can shop at BGR. Telling more people is a GREAT way for you to actually make BGR a better place to shop at. You’ll also help us stay busy which means we can hire more people- keeping even more money in the community!
  5. The More You Shop, The More You Save– Get a 15% off coupon for every $100 you spend with our new Family Rewards Program. We keep track of your purchases in our computer system. Learn more here!

NOTE: We have always been, are now and will forever be a small, family owned and operated business. This means that we can be short staffed in the event of a family emergency or illness. We always try to run the store “business as usual” but there can occasionally be longer wait times to sell if we are short staffed. We update our customers in the event of a short staff via email, Facebook and Instagram. You are always more than welcome to call us to see what our wait times to sell are- we are happy to help you! (619) 281-2229

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