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Update as of 1/04/20

2020 has been QUITE the year! How has it been the longest and the shortest year, at the same time?
Coronavirus presented many challenges on personal and professional levels. With the first stay-at-home order being announced in March, Baby Go Round was forced to close. We were not considered an essential business. We didn’t know how long it would last and we were doing our best to cover our bills, rent, and take care of our employees.
We are so grateful that we had the support of our community who donated to our GoFundMe and we were lucky enough to receive a much-sought-after SBA loan.
After months of staying home – playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, hiking, baking, snuggling with pets – the BGR Crew was able to return to work in June. We can’t exactly say it was back to business as usual. We have different hours, a store capacity, a closed play area, plexiglass on the register, and we’re all wearing masks! But with that said, we are committed to being open, present, and to make shopping with us the cleanest and safest experience we can!
We know California recently enacted another stay-at-home order with many businesses and restaurants having to temporarily close. Baby Go Round is OPEN. Retail can remain open with limited capacity and we are doing everything in our power to safely remain open. We continue to clean and disinfect surfaces and inventory throughout the day. We have hand sanitizer available to staff and customers. And we continue to restock as fast as we can to help you find what you need!
Baby Go Round is accustomed to being an underdog – that is the small business lifestyle. However, we have depleted our SBA loan and are in survival mode. We need YOUR help to persevere and continue supplying the community with gently-used and affordable baby and children’s items. So when you’re looking for shoes for that next size up or hear that a friend is expecting, check Baby Go Round first! By shopping local and small business, you are making a HUGE impact in our family’s lives and in the economy. You’re able to keep mom-and-pop shops alive!
Thank you for your support and for always showing our BGR Family kindness and love. You have welcomed our new staff members, Caitlynn and Edith, and have shown your excitement for the BGR Babies joining the family.
We are optimistic and hopeful that 2021 brings joy, success, and good health to us all!

Special Inventory Highlight

With the end of 2020, came a huge influx of Strollers!
We have a wide array of brands and styles! It’s the perfect time to stop by and pick a stroller that works for your lifestyle, whether that’s a light-weight but sturdy Maclaren or a Baby Trend Sit n Stand that will allow your oldest to stretch their legs in the back.
Don’t accept retail prices when you can get a clean, gently-used stroller at a fraction of that price!

Baby Go Round is now a Gym on Pokemon Go!
You can battle, enter raids, or spin a stop! Entertainment for kids and parents!

 Selling Counter is Open Tuesday

, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

We begin at 10:00AM. We stop at 3:00PM. Depending on how much inventory we’re receiving, the counter can close an extra day if we need to catch up on tagging. Always feel free to call us at (619) 281-2229 to see if the counter is open and what the current wait time is.


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We’re Going Bagless

We’ve gone bag-less! As a store that’s entire business model is based around recycling, we have eliminated plastic bags. We are still happy to help you out to the car with your items if you stock up or/and you can bring your own reusable bags to use to shop with us. You can also donate boxes and earth friendly bags to BGR to help all our shoppers transition over to our new system. Thank you for helping to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference!