What We’re Buying Today!

Is BGR Resale Buying?

Selling Counter is Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


January Buying Days: 01/08, 01/09, 01/12, 01/13, 01/15, 01/16, 01/26, 01/27, 01/29, 01/30

We begin at 10:00AM. We stop at 3:00PM. Depending on how much inventory we’re receiving, the counter can close an extra day if we need to catch up on tagging. Always feel free to call us at (619) 281-2229 to see if the counter is open and what the current wait time is

We offer Store Credit only for Clothing Sizes 0-9 months.

What we are able to offer based on our selling prices:

Cash Offer

Store Credit Offer


20% of our selling price

30% of our selling price

Toys, Gear, Accessories

20 – 40% *

30 – 50% *

*percentage varies based on condition and supply/demand*

We will be updating our website and sending emails to keep you up to date! Please visit our websitehere or give us a call at (619) 281-2229 to see what/when we are buying.

  As our inventory needs change daily, please give us a call at (619) 281-2229 if you would like to know what we are most in need of or scroll down for a complete list of what we are buying/what we need. However, we are always happy to take a look at any items you may have and you are always welcome to bring in anything you have to sell!

Other Helpful Information

Selling is Easy With the 4 C’s

*Please put your items in a bin, basket, tub, gift bag- anything but a trash bag! Trash bags are very scary for BGR guys and gals. We have very rarely gone through a trash bag that doesn’t have something inside that scares us. We like to be able to see what we’re sticking our hand into! *

Cute- Everyone loves a fun, unique item that makes you say, “Awwww!” We accept any brand of clothing as long as it is cute.

Clean– Everyone of our BGR friends without fail has let us know that cleanliness of any item is top priority. We clean our items and our families expect them to be clean (however, we do realize that some items are a little more worn than others when it comes to gear). If your item requires any cleaning, it will effect how much we can give you for the item due to the overhead required to clean it.

Condition-  Everyone of our BGR friends (that’s what we call our clients) without fail has let us know that condition of any item is top priority. Our clients have very high standards for the condition of any item at BGR. This means:

Toys and Gear: All the parts and pieces must be present. The Item should have been purchased within the last 5 years. If the item requires batteries it MUST have working batteries installed that will be passed on to the next family.

Clothing: Clothing should have been purchased within the last couple of years. Clothing should look like new. Our BGR friends are very picky and condition is very important to them! Clothing should be free of fading, pilling, holes, tears, stains or any kind of excessive wear.

Current: Items should have been purchased within the last 5 years (ideally within the last couple of years). Older items are not guaranteed to meet the current safety standards and are tougher to sell as well.

  • Batteries- Please make sure working batteries are installed in any items that require them for operation. Our shoppers will only buy items they can test out in advance to be sure that they are fully functioning. We will not be able to purchase items that do not have working batteries installed upon arrival.

NOTE: We have always been, are now and will forever be a small, family owned and operated business. This means that we can be short staffed in the event of a family emergency or illness. We always try to run the store “business as usual” but there can occasionally be longer wait times to sell if we are short staffed. We update our customers in the event of a short staff via email, Facebook and Instagram. You are always more than welcome to call us to see what our wait times are- we are happy to help you! (619) 281-2229