Clothing: The Most Important Selling Rule at BGR- NO TRASH BAGS

Step 1:



This Is For The SAFETY Of Our Staff

We cannot see what we are putting our hand into when a trash bag is stuffed to bursting with clothing/toys. We have found the following in trash bags since 2009: urine, feces, black widows, brown widows, shards of glass, used personal hygiene items (use your imagination), razor blades, needles, chicken bones, drug paraphernalia, knives, forks and other unidentifiable objects.

We will NOT put our staff and other patrons in jeopardy under any circumstances and we reserve the right to refuse to examine any items if we feel our safety and health are at risk.

Here are several options that allow you to transport your items conveniently and safely!

Please put your items in a bin, basket, tub, gift bag- anything but a trash bag! We have composed a list of several options that will allow for a safe and quick selling experience.

That’s right- not only are trash bags dangerous, they’re difficult to go through. Studies show that if you lay your clothing items FLAT or arrange your toys in any of the totes below, not only is your wait time cut in half when compared to a trash bag, the purchaser is more likely to buy more items! Just because s/he can see them better!


Acceptable Forms Of

Clothing Totes

With The Intention Of Selling To BGR Resale



Another reliable and easy option. A diaper box would work too!


Giant Baby Shower Bags Are Great For Bringing Your Clothes In Too!


A Tupperware Bin Is A Tried And True Classic!


The Ideal Tote For Selling Clothes And Shoes!


A Basket Is Always A Good Option!

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