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Updated 1/04/20

Now that your items have all been prepped, here’s how to sell today!

(Need a refresher on how to prep your items? Click Here!)

Is BGR Resale Buying?

Selling Counter is Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.EVERY OTHER WEEK.

January Buying Days: 01/08, 01/09, 01/12, 01/13, 01/15, 01/16, 01/26, 01/27, 01/29, 01/30

We begin at 10:00AM. We stop at 3:00PM. Depending on how much inventory we’re receiving, we can close the counter an extra day in order to catch up on tagging. Always feel free to call to check that the counter is open or what the current wait time is. (619)281-2229  


We offer Store Credit only for Clothing Sizes 0-9 months.

What we are able to offer based on our selling prices:

Cash Offer

Store Credit Offer


20% of our selling price

30% of our selling price

Toys, Gear, Accessories

20 – 40% *

30 – 50% *

*percentage varies based on condition and supply/demand*

 We will be updating our website and sending emails to keep you up to date! Please visit our websitehere or give us a call at (619) 281-2229 to see what/when we are buying.

 Arriving at BGR Resale

Our store was designed for convenience and ease! When you sell to BGR Resale, we recommend driving to the rear of the building. You can park directly in front of the entrance to the selling counter.

wpid-img_20150803_184048.jpg wpid-img_20150803_182709.jpg

And just go right on in through the door!


  • Selling is easy, fast and convenient at BGR! We buy items 4 Days a Week,(Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat), Every Other Week. No check in. No registration. Walk in the door with your items. Put them on the counter. We accept Walk-Ins and offer Appointments every 20 minutes.
  • We will take your name and phone number. You can then look around the store, wait outside, or in your car. During Covid-19 safety regulations, you cannot wait in the back of the store near the counter.
  • Please plan to stay on the premises while we look through your items. It is against policy to leave the parameter before we have purchased your items. If you are found to have vacated the lot, we will not be able to purchase your items.
  • Please note, there is currently a restriction on how many items you can bring to sell. We are trying to reduce the wait time and limit the crowd to allow safe social distancing. The limit is shown on a picture above.
  • Once we have examined your items, we will come find you or call you. We will then show you the items we are interested in. We will then make you an offer for cash or store credit.
  • We offer Store Credit only for Clothing Sizes 0-9 months. For other Clothing Sizes, Toys, Gear, and Accessories we offer Cash or a boosted amount in Store Credit. Store Credit is always more.
  • Store credit is issued in the form of a gift card and has no expiration. Store credit can be used on ANY items in the store (find out why store credit is the best option here!)
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your store credit. Keep your selling credit in a safe place- any lost credit can not be reissued or compensated by BGR Resale.
  • NOTE: We have always been, are now and will forever be a small, family owned and operated business. This means that we can be short staffed in the event of a family emergency or illness. We always try to run the store “business as usual” but there can occasionally be longer wait times to sell if we are short staffed. We update our customers in the event of a short staff via email, Facebook and Instagram. You are always more than welcome to call us to see what our wait times are- we are happy to help you! (619) 281-2229

Are you selling additional items? Click here to be redirected to the start menu or click the following:

“Clothes & Shoes” or “Gear/Furniture/Non-Clothing Items” or “Toys.”

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