How To Sell Your Toys- 5/5: Courtesy

5/5:  Courtesy

BGR operates for the community and operates because of the community. This is in part due to our passion for helping others and conservation.

We ask you to be apart of this community with courtesy and respect. Please be courteous to the purchaser while s/he is helping you.  You can make sure you have a great experience by doing the following:

  • Do not sell your items to other parties besides BGR Resale in our store, parking lot, grass etc.  We have a very high overhead that is only achieved by selling our items to members. We pay rent, insurance, SDGE, and have a sellers license and permit in the state of California. It is not only illegal to sell your items to other parties on our property (our landlord requires all sellers to obtain insurance and permits), it’s very offensive. This is private property and we reserve the right to prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Allowing the purchaser to focus on examining your items. This often means that the purchaser will be unable to talk to you during the time s/he is looking through your items.
  • When we make you the offer for your items, it will be based on our “Overhead Formula.” This is an equation we use to insure we are able to pay our overhead bills every month. If you do not want to accept our offer, you may simply say something to the effect of, “No, thank you!” We won’t be offended!
  • Any harassment towards our purchasers, staff members or other patrons isstrictly prohibited. It goes against our core beliefs and will not be tolerated. If we suspect harassment, you will be escorted from the premises by the appropriate law enforcement.

And that’s it! Just be nice! 


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