How To Sell Your Gear/Furniture and Non-Clothing Items- 2/5: Condition

2/5:  Condition

We know this one can be tricky because everyone truly does have a different opinion on what is acceptable and unacceptable condition. We still don’t get it right every time! Our job is to listen to our shoppers and analyze what they will purchase and what they will not. We pay attention to feedback and apply it. This means that the quality of items at BGR will vary because what is acceptable to one shopper may not be to another. Therefore, we reserve the right to use our discretion while purchasing any items.


Now that being said, please keep in mind that there are still some guidelines you can follow!


  • Complete– All the necessary parts and pieces that are required to the basic use and safety must be present.
  • Straps – High Chairs, Strollers, Bouncers, Rock n Plays must have all of their straps (shoulder and waist.)
  • Batteries– Please make sure working batteries are installed in any items that require them for operation. Our shoppers will only buy items they can test out in advance to be sure that they are fully functioning. We will not be able to purchase items that do not have working batteries installed upon arrival.
  • Items that are recalled are illegal to buy or sell. We will check if your item has been recalled on the CSPC website. If it does not meet safety standards, we will not be able to purchase the item.



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