How To Prep Your Clothing To Sell To BGR- 2/5-Condition


2/5:  Re-Usable Condition

We know this one can be tricky because everyone truly does have a different opinion on what is acceptable and unacceptable condition. We still don’t get it right every time! Our job is to listen to our shoppers and analyze what they will purchase and what they will not. We pay attention to feedback and apply it. This means that the quality of items at BGR will vary because what is acceptable to one shopper may not be to another. Therefore, we reserve the right to use our discretion while purchasing clothing and/or any items.

Now that being said, please keep in mind that there are still some guidelines you can follow! All zippers, snaps, buttons and strings are all present and working. We will not purchase any item we determine to have stains, rips, tears, holes, grass stains, discoloration, missing pieces to a single garment, dirt, hair, debris, excessive fading, gunk that would take a ton of time to remove on shoes, missing shoe laces, worn out toes, worn out heels, excessive sand/dirt/mud/gum on the bottom of the shoe and dark foot prints on the sole.

If you are unsure if your items will be in acceptable condition, that’s OK! You are still more than welcome to bring them along! When we go through your items, we will simply leave the items we will not purchase in your tote.

Easy Peasey!

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