Your Burning Questions Answered


1)Why didn’t you buy all of my items?

What we purchase is simply based on condition, client demand and store inventory.  We do our best to not purchase items with holes, stains, missing buttons or zippers, etc. We also try to stay current with trends and styles that are popular, which is why we only purchase items that are 5 Years Old or less.

2) Why Don’t You Look Through Trash Bags?

For the safety of our employees, please bring your items laid out in a basket, bin, tub, box, tote bag — anything but a trash bag! We need to be able to see what we are putting our hands into. It is also A LOT faster to go through items that are laid-out flat in a tub or basket.

3) What Days and Times Do You Buy?

We look at items Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We begin at 10:00AM and stop at 3:00PM. If we receive a huge amount of inventory, we might close our selling counter an extra day in order to catch up on tagging. Give us a call before you head over to see if the selling counter is open and what the wait time is 🙂

4) What’s Your Return/Exchange Policy?

Clothing may be be exchanged for Store Credit within 7 days of purchase with the tag still attached AND the receipt.

Gear and Toys are FINAL SALE.

We do not offer Cash Back or Refunds.

5) What Are You Buying?

You can check this page here to see a specific list of the items we’re looking for or just call us for a very detailed answer- we love to answer your questions!

6) What Don’t You Buy?

Anything that would be a safety or sanitary hazard, such as:

Car seats and Bases

Cribs and Crib Bedding


Breast Pumps and accessories

Used bath tubs and potty seats

Used bottles and dishes


Items that are recalled, older than 5 Years Old, or simply unpopular for our store.

Check out this page here  for a complete list OR Call us at (619) 281-2229 if you are unsure if we will accept your items.

7) How Do I Know What’s In Stock?

We post inventory daily on our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and even SnapChat!

If you see anything you would like to purchase, give us a call to put the item on hold (we hold until the end of the business day). You can even buy it right over the phone with your credit card and pick it up within 2 weeks.

Please keep in mind though, our inventory does change fast! You might see an item on our Social Media and Website, but it does not guarantee we still have it in stock.


8) Why Sell at BGR?

  • Do you ever think, “But someone else could use this,” when your little one grows out of their jumperoo or adorable outfit. By selling to Baby Go Round, your items will find another home and be loved by another child.
  • It’s Easy- We provide a service. You don’t have to go towards all the trouble of posting your items on apps, Craigslist, or Ebay. That takes time and effort and did we mention TIME? You can stop by BGR Resale, Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday or Saturday and get cash or store credit that day!
  • Help Others in the Community – Many of our customers are on a strict budget or can’t afford retail prices. By selling your items at Baby Go Round, you’re helping those families around you find what they need for inexpensive prices.

9) What’s Your Family Rewards Program?

Reward Coupon changes to 15% off, as of April 1, 2019

Our Family Rewards Program: Spending $100 over time (or all at once) earns you a 15% off your entire purchase coupon on your next visit.

We also have MILITARY DISCOUNTS: All current and former military personnel will receive 10% off their entire purchase with each visit (with valid I.D.) Our military guests will still be signed up with the BGR Family Rewards Program and can still earn 15% off your entire purchase coupons, but the two discounts cannot be used at the same time (maximum of 15% off per purchase.)

10) Why Don’t You Have What I’m Looking For?

As a resale shop, our inventory changes on a daily basis. We never know when or what is going to come in! A great way to see if items you are on the hunt for have come in is to check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Also, feel free to call us and ask if we have what you want in stock – (619)281-2229.

Links to all of our Social Media pages can be found here

11) Why Do You Buy in Bulk/Batches?

It’s easy! We pride ourselves on getting through your items quickly and efficiently. Buying clothing and smaller items in batches saves everyone involved a lot of time. So buying in “batches” is most effective for everyone — you get your money (and your storage space back) way faster!

12) Do You Pay Cash or Store Credit When I Sell at BGR?

We offer Store Credit only for Clothing sizes 0-9 months.

For other Clothing Sizes and Toys, Gear, and Accessories, we offer Cash or a boosted amount in Store Credit.

Store credit is always more than the cash offer.

What we are able to offer based on our selling prices:

Cash Offer

Store Credit Offer


20% of our selling price

30% of our selling price

Toys, Gear, Accessories

20 – 40% *

30 – 50% *

*percentage varies based on condition and supply/demand*

Store credit is issued in the form of a gift card and has no expiration. Store credit can be used on ANY items in the store.

You are responsible for keeping track of your store credit. Keep your credit in a safe place- any lost credit can not be reissued or compensated by BGR Resale.


13) Why Don’t You Ever Have A Huge Selection of Size 9 Month Clothing?

There aren’t very many brands that manufacture that size! Isn’t that crazy? If there’s not a lot of it made and circulating in retail stores, we sadly don’t receive that much used. It’s a very popular size and very hard to find. We are always buying it and do our best to stay as stocked as possible.


14) Why Is The Girls Clothing Section So Much Larger Than The Boys Clothing Section?

Girls simply have more options! Think about girls bottoms vs boys bottoms. Boys have shorts and pants. Girls have skirts, capris, shorts, pants and then dresses. There’s just more MADE for girls. So they take up more space!

15) Won’t I Get More On Craigslist Or Ebay?

Maybe. Maybe not. There are pros and cons to selling with any medium.

The cool part about resale is it’s easy- you come in and get cash or store credit in a matter of minutes.


By selling on Craiglist or Ebay, you do get to pick your price, but you also have to dedicate your time to selling the items. You also don’t know the people buying your items. It could be scary meeting strangers.

By selling to Baby Go Round, you know your items will go to a loving home and a family that needed them, but couldn’t afford retail prices.

16) What Are The Best Days and Times To Sell?

You can sell items Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Mornings tend to be busy with people waiting outside our doors to sell. That being said, there really isn’t a best time to sell. We’ve had selling rushes at lunch time and in the evening.
Always give us a call before you come down. You can check to see what the current wait time is and if the selling counter is still open.

NOTE: We have always been, are now and will forever be a small, family owned and operated business. This means that we can be short staffed in the event of a family emergency or illness. We always try to run the store “business as usual” but there can occasionally be longer wait times to sell if we are short staffed.



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